Small Seashell Soy Wax Essential Oil Candle

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Small Seashell shape 100% soy wax candle with essential oils.

Measurements (mm): 45 H x 60 W x 30 D
Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

A variation of colours and fragrances are available:

The Orangerie features Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Palmarosa essential oils and comes in the colours Rose Pink and Lilac.

The Secret Garden features Lavender, Geranium and May Chang essential oils and comes in the colour Pastel Green.

The Arboretum features Cedarwood, Scotch Pine and Cinnamon essential oils and comes in the colours Grey and Misty Blue.

Cream-colour candles come undyed and unscented as a standard, and are therefore 100% natural. All colour and scent combinations are customisable - simply get in touch with me and I would be happy to help!

All candles are mixed and hand-poured by me and while every effort is made to ensure consistency there will be slight variations between pieces and imperfections, as with any handmade item.  

~FREE UK delivery on orders over £30~

All candles are made to order, so please allow 7 working days for your candle to be dispatched.


Please ensure you read the warning labels included with your candle.
Keep your candle in a well-ventilated room and away from drafts when lit.                   
Ensure your candle is kept away from flammable objects and out of reach from pets and children. 
Trim the candle wick to approximately 6 mm long before burning.
Please note that pillar candle wax will drip significantly.
Store coloured candles out of direct sunlight to prevent discolouration.