About my business and brand inspiration:
My name is Cristina and I’m the woman behind Athina Designs, making unique polymer clay accessories, homeware products and vegan-friendly candles just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. My background is in art history and I use my knowledge and skills in this area to help design my works. I love using art, architecture and the natural world for inspiration. Apart from making beautiful things that help others to feel confident and unique, I’m passionate about the environment and making sure my business is as eco-friendly as possible.
My commitment to reducing my environmental impact:
My business is zero-waste. I use all scraps and off-cuts of clay when making my products, and any excess wax from my candle-making is used to make my special zero-waste tea lights. All packaging from my suppliers is re-used or recycled. I take pride in my brand packaging which is totally plastic free and easy to recycle and re-use. Even my packing tape is made of paper! I am committed to reducing my impact on the environment as much as I can and I use local wholesale suppliers when possible to reduce my carbon footprint.
My business is entirely run and operated from my studio in the spare bedroom in our home, so energy and heating is shared, minimising any extra impact on the environment from having a separate studio or storage space.
Contact me: athinadesigns1@gmail.com